California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced a moratorium on the death penalty in the early hours of Wednesday, halting more than 700 executions in the state.

The executive order grants a reprieve to 737 inmates on the early death row and halts the use of the death penalty in the state, according to the governor’s office.

In his speech governor Newsom said “I do not believe that a civilized society can claim to be a leader in the world as long as its government continues to sanction the premeditated and discriminatory execution of its people, The executive “In short, the death penalty is inconsistent with our bedrock values and strikes at the very heart of what it means to be a Californian.”

The executive sighted racial inequities and lack of deterrent as key the early the decision. The move is a bit controversial considering the fact that California citizens rejected a ballot measure to eradicate the death penalty in 2016.

He further said that the law has discriminated against blacks or dark-skinned persons, the sick and those who couldn’t afford expensive legal representation and that the death penalty was irreversible especially if the person(s) is innocent.

The executive order will also close the execution chamber at San Quentin State Prison, which has never been used, and withdraws California’s lethal injection protocol.

Some citizens have come out to express displeasure over the new law, saying that the authorities should get justice for the victims and care less about the perpetrators of the crime.

Kim Kardashian West has in this vein taken to her instagram page to speak in support of the governor, saying it is a move in the right direction and that human life shouldn’t be taken just as we like to, but no matter the crime, they should receive other forms of punishment and not the death penalty.

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