There have been torrential downpours which triggered flash floods and mudslides in villages in Indonesia.

There has been an estimated reported deaths of about 75persons as given by authorities.

Yesterday, the country was hit by an earthquake, which triggered a landslide that hit a popular waterfall on the tourist island of Lombok, killing at least three people and damaging hundreds of homes.

Authorities say that the combination of natural factors and human activities has caused this fatal disaster,”

Floodwaters and landslides destroyed roads and bridges in several areas of Papua province’s Jayapura district following days of torrential rains, hampering rescue efforts.

About 79 bodies had been pulled from the mud and wreckage of crumpled homes as at on Sunday. About Another 74 people were hospitalized, many with broken bones and head wounds. The number of dead and injured would likely increase since the most affected areas had not been reached and rescuers were still searching for dozens of people reportedly still missing

Rescuers evacuated more than 4,200 people to temporary shelters as more than 600 houses and buildings were damaged and submerged.have showed hundreds of rescuers and members of the police and military evacuating residents to shelters at a government office. Others were carrying bodies in black and orange body bags. Ambulances and vehicles were seen carrying victims on muddy roads to several clinics and hospitals.

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