A building site has collapsed in Southern India, killing at least 2 persons and leaving many others injured.

The incident which happened in the Karnataka state of the country happened in the early hours of today.

Rescue teams and ambulances were scrambling to Dharwad district, roughly 700 kilometers (430 miles) northwest of the state capital Bangalore, where the five-floor under-construction apartment block crumbled.

Reports have surfaced of two deaths so far with a dozen others rescued from the rubble, with more than 50 persons believed to be stuff underneath the debris.

Hospitals and emergency units around the district have been put on very high alert, pending any eventualities.

The immediate cause of the collapse has not been known, but critics say many private builders use inferior construction material to cut corners on costs or bribe officials to bypass regulations. Millions also live in dilapidated old buildings, many of which are susceptible to collapse during rain.

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