The city of Beira in Mozambique has been hit with one of the greatest natural disasters since it became a habitable town.

Reports say over 90% of the city has been washed away by muddy flood waters. An estimated 200-300 people can be said to have lost their lives in the sevent as many more cling to rooftops and trees waiting and hoping for emergency rescue services.

Rescue workers are finding it extremely difficult to access the flooded areas as the waters have gone over 3 metres above sea level covering houses and hills.

The main river in the town has been submerged by water.

Rescue officials are asking agencies for more helicopters to aid them in the rescue work ongoing at the site. Reports say most of the mountains in the area have been split into two because of water.

PhotoCredit: Axios

The cyclone affects border cities and towns in Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Humanitarian in the are deploying to Beira, but because large areas are underwater and cut off, with communications down for the fifth day, no power and the main road washed away, getting supplies and staff in and information out is extremely difficult. The airport was badly damaged but is working again and some commercial flights are running from the capital, Maputo.

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