Brenton Tarantino, a 28-year old Australian male and a member of an extremist group went on a shooting spree on Friday in Christchurch, New Zealand.

He targeted two mosques( Al Noor mosque and the Linwood mosque).


Over 49 persons were reported to have lost their lives at the incident while over 3 more dozens injured. Among those involved in the killings were little children who went to the place of worship with their parents.

A live video which appeared to have come from a camera worn by the gunman streamed on Facebook showing parts of the attack. In the video, the shooter was seen to have exited his car with a gun in his hand and went towards the mosque entrance and started to shoot sporadically, he went back to his car to get another weapon when he entered the mosque to start shooting people at close range.

Before the shooting, the gunman posted links to a white nationalist extremist group Twitter and 8chan. The 8chan post included a link to the gunman’s Facebook page, where he said he would also broadcast live video of the attack.

The Prime Minister Of New Zealand Jacinda Arden has come out to condemn the attacks and sympathized with the family who lost their loved ones and promised justice for their loss.

Brenton been charged with murder and appeared Saturday morning in court. The New Zealand police said he would face additional charges. A second man, 18, was charged with “intent to excite hostility or ill-will.”

photocredit: dailyexpress

Though the names of those killed, haven’t been released, But a list of the injured has been published by the New Zealand Red Cross on its website. It includes people from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Jordan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

aNew Zealanders have come out to condemn the acts and rallied around the Muslim community as heartbreaking details continued to emerge about those killed and injured.

Leaders from around the world have come out to express their displeasure with the event and sent their condolences to those affected by the incident.

The government of the country will seek to ban semi-automatic weapons after the worst mass killing in the nation’s history left 49 people dead and another 48 injured so far.

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