A cargo train in Kasai province of DRC Congo veered off a bridge while attempting to cross it.

Many carriages fell over the bridge into the Luembe River and a reported death toll of about 32 persons and over 91 injuries have been accounted for.

Authorities say a large number of children were among the dead.

It was the third train accident within the space of a month in Central DRC

In Other news;

Gun men in cars and bikes stormed the Dioura Army camp in Mopti region of Mali and unleashed terror on the soldiers in the camp.

At least eight persons were said to have been killed, with many others either injured or missing.

Despite the heavy presence of UN peacekeeping forces in the country, Jihadists are not abated in their efforts to continue the killing spree, with about 237 deaths recorded in 2018 in related matters.

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