130 people come forward to claim they are Jeffrey Epstein’s children and are therefore entitled to a share of the pedophile’s $635 million estate

A website created by a DNA company to find any possible heirs to deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein’s estate has heard from as many as 130 people claiming to be the convicted paedophile’s children.

If any are found to be the multimillionaire’s children, they could lay claim to a piece his $635 million estate, which includes his Manhattan mansion and a luxury 75-acre estate, dubbed ‘paedophile island’.

Epstein, who took his life in a Manhattan jail cell in August while awaiting trial on federal sex-trafficking charges, had never married and was not known to have had any children. He left his assets in a trust after his death.

“Jeffrey Epstein was sexually promiscuous for so long that there is a reasonable chance he may have fathered a child,” Harvey Morse, founder of Morse Genealogical Services tells the Sun.

The DNA firm set up the website Epsteinheirs.com shortly after Epstein’s death asking for people who thought they were heirs to his estate to come forward. Since then 386 people have contacted the website and up to 130 say they could be his children.

Earlier this year, Epstein’s estate was valued at $635 million, an increase from about $577 million after the sale of some of its assets.

Epstein still owned four properties, including his Manhattan mansion and Zorro Ranch in Stanley, New Mexico, as well as the so-called ‘paedophile island’, or Little Saint James.

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