2 killed, 1 injured as planes collide mid-air and crash in France

Two British light aircraft collided mid-air after taking off from an airstrip in the southern French Alps on Wednesday, killing two fliers while a third survived the accident, local authorities said.

The crash took place at around 12.45pm on Wednesday over the high mountain Maddalena Pass on the Alpine border with Italy.

“The victims are two British men, aged 18 and 37 years old,” said a French regional government official.

The Alpes-de-Haute province official said the pilot of the first plane was injured in the crash at Pre-la-Font in the valley near Larche.

Both of the “recreational aircraft” were registered in England, and both had taken off from an airfield in Saint-Pons earlier today.

“Two recreational aircraft registered in England that took off from the airfield of Saint-Pons crashed in the valley near Larche, at a place called Pre-la-Font, at south of the head of Viraysse, with one person on board the first aircraft and two people on board the second,” the French official said in a statement.

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