7-Year-Old Boy Has 526 Teeth Removed From His Mouth

A 7-year-old boy in India had 526 tooth-like structures removed from his mouth, according to doctors.

The boy was brought to the hospital with swelling in his jaw, according to a statement from the Saveetha Dental College and Hospital. Doctors decided to operate and discovered what they said resembled a “bag like mass” weighing almost half a pound which contained the teeth.

“This is the first ever case to be documented world wide, where so many minute teeth were found in a single individual,” the Saveetha Dental College said.

“On further evaluation by the oral pathologists, and to their utmost surprise, the bag revealed 526 tooth-like structures,” the hospital said. “In the pathologists’ own words, ‘it was reminiscent of pearls in an oyster.'”

It took the doctors five hours to remove all the minute teeth from the bag, according to the hospital in the city formerly known as Madras. The teeth varied from 1mm to 15mm in size, each resembling a tooth with a crown covered by enamel and a root-like structure.

The boy’s parents originally took him to see doctors for jaw swelling when he was 3 years old, but their son did not cooperate with the doctors due to his young age and the swollen area continued to grow over the years.

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