Actor John Boyega tells Christians to boycott prosperity churches

British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega has asked Christians to boycott any church that ignores the BLM campaign.
In a tweet that has gone viral, Boyega wrote:
“Don’t go back to a church that ignores the current issues. Prosperity preaching every Sunday. Kmt”

Boyega has been thrown up as one of the leaders of the anti-racist demonstrations that had engulfed cities of western nations since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 25 May.

In London, he had addressed rallies of Black Lives Matter(BLM) demanding equality for minorities and even putting his acting career on the line.
On Saturday, in asking for a boycott of prosperity churches, Boyega was still treading the theme of the BLM protests.

“This is a good time to question absolutely everything. You want to go back to the same old system?”, he asked in another tweet.
Challenged by someone who signed onto Twitter as J.D.@Probs_Not_Sprog as to whether Boyega understands the reason people go to church, the 28 year-old Boyega replied: “We are the church. Yes we are”.

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