African mothers sue America woman who they accuse of causing the deaths of more than 100 babies in Uganda

Missionary Renee Bach, who runs a local non-governmental organisation called Serving His Children in eastern Uganda, is being accused of representing herself as a doctor, and treating children in her care. She allegedly took children with malnutrition from local hospitals to “treat” them at her organisation – and some of them died.

Renee Bach, 35, is from Virginia but moved to Africa when she was a teenager to work as a missionary. In 2009, She set up the Serving His Children clinic in Masese to treat children and babies who were close to death because of malnutrition.

However, in a lawsuit filed in January at the High Court in Jinja, mothers Gimbo Zubeda and Kakai Annet allege that she caused their babies deaths and the deaths of dozens more.

They are demanding that her facility be shut down and are asking for damages. The women say that they brought their children to Bach’s facility under the impression that she was a medically trained professional. They claim she gave their children aid but that despite her efforts, the children died.


Bach has admitted in the past that she has no medical training but claims the most she ever did to a child was give them an IV.


Bach first went to Uganda as an 18-year-old for a 10-day missionary trip and said she fell in love with the country. She met her daughter when she was ten days old and adopted her after learning that her birth mother had died. She founded the organization to cure malnutrition and claims online to partner with the local government to offer medical treatment.

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