With U.S.- supported powers surrounding ISIS in Syria, young mother Hoda Muthana is beseeching for another opportunity and the chance to return home to her family in Alabama.

“I understood I’ve committed a major error and I realize I’ve destroyed my future and my child’s future and I profoundly, profoundly think twice about it,” she said in a meeting with The Guardian paper.

Muthana is one of 1,500 remote women and kids living in a Kurdish-run outcast camp in northern Syria.

Muthana’s family attorney, Hassan Shibly, disclosed that the young mother was “mentally conditioned” by ISIS and now feels “colossal regret.”

“This is a young, powerless lady who was mentally conditioned and controlled by beasts who exploited her,” Shibly said in a meeting that airs on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday morning. “Hooda is totally revolted by the individual she became while under the spell.”

In 2017, Muthana’s dad disclosed that he’d been glad when she appeared to end up increasingly passionate about religion. He said he had no clue that she was covertly taking signs from ISIS enrolment specialists sending her messages via telephone.

“I never thought in my life that it would transpire, to me, to my family, however it occurred,” he said. “It could happen to some other family.”

Muthana, who currently has an 18-month-old child, left Alabama four years back at 19 years old. She spread ISIS publicity on the internet, calling for assaults on Americans.

As indicated by, she tweeted messages urging individuals to “‘spill American blood.”

Presently, in the wake of surrendering to Kurdish specialists, she told the Guardian that she fears for her wellbeing.

“From what I heard, if they somehow happened to peruse my messages, I would have been murdered,” she said.

Muthana has been married multiple times to ISIS warriors. Each time, she was made a widow.

In a letter she portrayed herself as an ” inexperienced, furious and egotistical” young lady when she set out for Syria. Muthana said she thought she comprehended her religious convictions and had quit tuning in to her family.

“That was a major slip-up,” she said in the letter.

“Amid my years in Syria I would see and experience a lifestyle and the horrendous impacts of war which transformed me. Seeing slaughter very close transformed me. Parenthood transformed me. Seeing companions, youngsters and the men I wedded passing on transformed me. seein how extraordinary a general public could be contrasted with the adored America I was brought up into transformed me,” she said.

Being in the place I was and seeing the people around me terrified me since I understood I would not like to be a part of this. My convictions weren’t equivalent to theirs. In my tranquil minutes, in the middle of bombings, starvation, cold and fear I would take a look at my delightful young child and realize that I didn’t have a place here and neither did he. I would think once in a while about my family, my companions and the lifestyle that I knew and I understood how I didn’t acknowledge or possibly truly see how essential the opportunities that we have in America are. I do now. To state that I lament my past words, any torment that I caused my family and any worries I would cause my nation would be hard for me to truly express legitimately.”

Muthana is relied upon to be conveyed home to face equity, which President Donald Trump has pushed different nations to do also.

Muthana’s family legal counselor revealed that she needs to come back to the United States to be “responsible for her decisions,” and to ideally be an incredible voice to guarantee that others don’t rehash the slip-ups she made.

“She needs to offer some kind of compensation by doing her best to stand up and guarantee that she can secure other youthful people being mentally programmed and exploited similarly she has,” Shibly said in the meeting on “GMA.” “She will chance her life right now to censure ISIS.

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