The Alleluia Ministries South Africa under the leadership of Pastor Alph Lukau has come under serious criticisms from the general public after performing a miracle that claimed to raise a dead man back to life.

A cross section of the public had all manner of things to say; some said it was real and others saying it was all a written out script.

The burial parlor whose ambulance was used to convey the lifeless body to the church had also sworn to take legal actions against the church and in response, the church gave out a press statement.

There has been further investigations into the matter as various news agencies and bodies in South Africa have reached out to the family , friends and even colleagues of the acclaimed resurrected.

They paid a visit to his place of work and according to his boss and colleagues, his real name is Brighton Moyo and he’s Zimbabwean and works with a private timber company, he is an assistant machinist and they claimed he was never dead, they also said it’s a huge case for people to play with the souls and spirits of other men who come to church all in the name of miracles.

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In another vain, a friend of Brighton (name withheld) has lashed out on the church to say that it is all scripted and that people are paid about 1000-1500 Rands to perform such stunts.

We will all wait patiently to hear from the resurrected Elliot and see the end of this story.

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