Allen Onyema; AirPeace and Huawei Similarity by Stephen Akintayo.

Recently controversy has been going on about the CEO of Airpeace  Allen Onyema, after being indicted by the US govt in alleged bank Fraud.

Here is what a facebook user by name Stephen Akintayo has to say about it……….

Nigerians are like their Government, quick to praise you when you do things in their selfish interest, fast to join your enemy to bring you down without their own investigation when you enter trouble .

AirPeace issue is similar to huawei 5G race with america . China protected their own Huawei , Airpeace has started buying plane elsewhere, that’s enough to get someone angry. Nigeria is not doing the same China did instead attorney general is waiting for US to ask him to arrest instead of being proactive to call Allen and ask his own questions. Typical of the black mentally lazy Men. Base on the Indictment I read, it is full of sentiment instead of evidence. No proof that he stole money, no proof that a drug cartel sent him money, no proof that he didnt pay his loan to the banks . Airpeace is a limited liability company and not PLC, if he inflated price, it is his company and his money. That he run an investment scheme for his business is not a crime.

This is why those who invest in our real estate company that I run, I insist they change their money to naira and pay to our naira account in nigeria despite having registered busineses in US, UK and others. Until a competent court of law convict Allen Onyema, I will stand by him. I hate sensationalist! I have carefully read what happened and for Me, He should be able to clear his name but Nigerian Government has to create a situation for him to be treated fairly. I do business globally, once you say, you are a nigerian, they believe you are a thief. What got me the most is Nigerian who can’t wait to hear evil about their fellow nigerian, they rejoice in another man fall, what do we gain doing that?; CrapMentality was given to africans by slaves masters who still lead us till today by the perceptions that once it’s from them, it’s perfect. This Crab Mentality has been passed from one generation to the other. The White Man is not always right is what you where sold! American police is not always right. People have been in jail for 30years in America for what they never did particularly blacks.

Give me a break Mr and Mrs Happy about another Man trial! Have your own mind, analyse issues for yourself and judge instead of just taking what someone else said . Have your own independent mind Africa! Witch cry yesterday baby died today, who does not know that, it was the witch that cried that killed the baby? But am pissed off as I write this! If the man has been convicted and I see these sensation, it’s fine but just indictment and many are this sarcastic . Same company that gave us our dignity from Xenophobia that we all know is being sponsored by our slave masters so that African will finish themselves again and they take over our resources. I will be back to write if the court find him guilty but for now, I stand by African Business Heroe. I rest My Case!

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