The African woman in the viral video that broke the web with her football juggling abilities and grabbed the interest of U.S. President Donald Trump has been found after a scan for her personality.

She is Hadhara Charles Mjeje, a Tanzanian mother who is juggling footballs expertly in Malawian capital of Lilongwe, reports German video news organization Ruptly which talked with her on Tuesday.

Wearing her standard African wrap skirt and flipflops while she juggles a football in the midst of a cheering group, the 29-year-old viral sensation said she began juggling to procure cash for her two children.

She told Ruptly in a video that she has juggled expertly in a few nations over the mainland including South Africa, Gabon, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya and Mozambique.

“A few people believe that I utilize dark enchantment yet I don’t. There is nothing in this ball. I utilize my ability which I have produced for a long time of training. It is unadulterated ability, not dark enchantment,” she said.

She added that she wishes to wind up an expert football player and she respects players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

Hadhara Charles Mjeje is accounted for to have in Malawi since January where she charges about $4 for every two-minute execution. The cash she procures foots her lease and purchases sustenance to help her family, she asserts.

The viral video was shared by Twitter client Akin Sawyerr on Saturday with the inscription, “Ability is uniformly distributed, open door isn’t”, indicates Hadhara juggling the football with her legs, head, shoulders, knees, hands and neck, the same number of individuals cheered.

Earning a huge number of views and a huge number of Likes and Retweets, her ability got a major applause from the United States President Donald Trump who imparted the video on Tuesday to the remark: “Stunning!”.

Right then and there, the character and careful area of Hadhara were not known, and the main data accessible was that she communicated in Swahili as heard in the video and she was in Malawi – as supported by different recordings shared from the nation.

She is heard accepting a test from the crowd to bob 100 juggles. After the near two-minute execution of their demand, the lady stated, “Pesa yenu ndogo” in Swahili which signifies, “Your cash isn’t sufficient”, in reference to a conceivable wager.

While numerous Africans were tweeting about finding the lady subsequent to picking up the consideration of the U.S. president, Americans condemned Trump for sharing the video which they depicted as “weird” and an “exercise in futility”.

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