The Paris Motor Show has been jam-packed with exciting announcements from car manufacturers visiting from across the globe, and BMW was no exception. CEO Harald Krüger opened the BMW segment with news we’ve been waiting for since March: the BMW i4 will be launching in 2021.

BMW has quite the line-up of fully-electric vehicles on the way; in total, five will be available by 2021. The i3 is already available for purchase, the MINI Electric will be coming next year, the iX3 will be coming in 2020, and the iNext and i4 will both arrive in 2021.


According to BMW-Blog, despite the iNext allegedly having the most tech of all the EV models — translating into a great deal of anticipation associated with its launch — the public will most likely be more excited about the i4, an option that’s much more affordable.

Of the little information about the i4 that we have been provided with, AutoCar noted that Krüger confirmed that the model will be lightweight thanks to its materials, have a driving range of 435 miles and will be far from one of the few PHEVs on sale by 2025; he claims the group will have over 25 PHEV models available next to 12 pure EVs within seven years.


Like AutoCar, BMWBlog also predicts that this model will be an all-electric version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, perhaps with some inspiration from the i Vision Dynamics Concept car — an electric four-door coupe — which was on display at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

“In 2022-2025 there will be a quick ramp up that we think will reflect the market and which is anyway a necessity to hit the emissions targets we are being set,” Autocar reported Krüger predicting. Right now, it may be trendy to go electric, but in a couple years, it may be essential.

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