President Abdelaziz Bouteflika Of Algeria alongside the Presidency of the country have come out of an earlier decision to contest for a 5th term as Algeria’s president.

The President who is believed to be having some medical issues had earlier come out a week ago to drop paperwork for his intentions to remain president for a consecutive 5th term. However, the news did not sit well with citizens of the country as they took to the streets to hold peaceful protects urging the 82- year-Old leader who has ruled the country since 1999 to go home and have a rest.

a reported that he finally to shelve his plans seeing the demonstrations and protests of his people and has come forward to say that the generals which were billed to hold on April 18paperwork have been postponed.

He has further put the minister of Interior Noureddine as the country’s new prime minister and charged him with forming a new government.

Bedoui will replace Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, who resigned earlier on Monday.

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