Car filled with gas canisters crashes into Seoul US embassy just days before Trump visit

A Car filled with explosive gas has smashed into the US Embassy in Seoul just days before Donald Trump is due to visit.

The motor reportedly made a sudden turn before smashing into the compound’s gates in the South Korean capital.

A 40-year-old man, named locally as Park Mo, believed to be the driver, was detained following the incident which took place at around 6pm local time.

Police said the rental car suddenly turned right and slammed into the gates of the Embassy.

After examining the car a box containing 30 butane canisters was found in the boot.

South Korean police are now expected to consult with the US Embassy about strengthening the site’s security.

They did not say whether or not the incident was being treated as an attempted attack.

The Donald is set to touch down in Seoul on Saturday for a summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Trump has said that he is considering visiting the heavily fortified demilitarised zone which divides North and South Korea during his two-day stop after the G20 summit in Japan.

There are no plans for either Moon or Trump to meet Kim Jong-un during The US President’s stay.

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