Four years after the dispatch of development, China has displayed the 150 million Yuan (US$22 million) presidential castle it worked for Burundi as a present to seal its strategic relations with the East African nation.

The Ambassador of China to Burundi, Li Changli, gave over the new building situated in Gasenyi in the north of the capital Bujumbura on Feb. 14 to Ezechiel Nibigira, Burundi’s Foreign Affairs Minister.

“It is an image of kinship and collaboration among China and Burundi,” said the Chinese diplomat who depicted the venture as the “best task” that China has ever completed in Burundi, reports nearby media IWACU Burundi.

The presidential royal residence was based on a 10,000 square meters land and has a few offices on its premises including roundabout streets, vehicle parks, and sewer frameworks.

It will have the presidency including the fundamental workplaces of the president, two VPs and their staff, meeting rooms and space for authority services, affirms Foreign Affairs Minister Nibigira.

“Since the autonomy of Burundi, we have not had such a building. We thank the administration of the Republic of China for it,” he included.

The Chinese representative featured that different ventures are being attempted in Burundi and “China has made accessible twelve of interpreters to put Burundi national advancement plan into Chinese language in order to plainly find in which space it ought to mediate.”

Burundi’s new presidential royal residence is one of the numerous Chinese endowments gave to African countries to fortify respective relations. China constructed the $200 million African Union central station in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2012 at no expense to the mainland body.

The Asian nation additionally consented to an arrangement to fabricate the central command of the West African local coalition ECOWAS with an funding of $31.6 million.

China as of late offered $6 million to Ethiopia to dispatch its first satellite into space in September 2019. It will likewise give preparing before the dispatch of the satellite which will be done from China.

Senegal will open the world’s biggest historical center of dark development on December 6 in the capital, Dakar, following 52 years of holding up because of absence of financing. China gave $34.6 million for the vision of the nation’s first president, Leopold Sedar Senghor, to come into realization.

China is additionally fabricating new parliament houses for Zimbabwe, Republic of Congo and Gabon.

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