As New Zealand police continue to work with families to positively dentify those killed in last Friday’s attack at two Christchurch mosques, members of the community have started burying their dead on Wednesday and try to move forward with their lives.

As of late last night, about 21 bodies were already identified and given to their families to go conduct their burial rites.

Prime minister of New Zealand Ardern visited Christchurch’s Cashmere High School. There, she told students it was “okay to grieve.”

“It is ok to ask for help,” she said, “even if you weren’t directly effected. These things, these images that people are seeing they are really difficult to process.”

With about half of the bodies identified, the burial rites have begun in ChristchurchChristchurch mosques and it is very hard for the people to process missing their loved ones in such a gruesome manner.

People have been seen across various parks in the community paying tributes to the fallen.

Though it would take time to move forward, but the people are strong enough to do so, said an Anonymous cleric.

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