Colombian drug cartel that gave women breast implants made of liquid cocaine and sent them to Europe is raided by police

The Columbian police, on Friday, arrested members of a Clumbian drug cartel called the ‘Los Cirujanos.’ The cartel gave women breast implants made up of liquid cocaine and send them to Europe, thereby smuggling the drugs in the continent.

According to Mail Online, the organization, called ‘Los Cirujanos’ (‘The Surgeons’), was dismantled during two raids in the city of Cali in the Colombian department of Valle del Cauca and the city of Medellin in the department of Antioquia.

The gang allegedly recruited women and made them undergo illegal operations in hotel rooms or rented apartments to implant liquid cocaine in their breasts.

The report said they used calf implants designed to give women more shapely legs to smuggle the drugs by replacing the silicon with liquid cocaine.

The women were then sent to Madrid where the implants were removed by gang members

Police investigation revealed that the victims usually flew out of the Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport in Cali and the El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento International Airport serving the Colombian capital Bogota.

During the raids, police arrested six men and four women for trafficking drugs into Spain and the rest of Europe – including a renowned Medellin hospital doctor.

One of the detainees is also a specialist at a hospital in Cali and another detainee is accused of pretending to be a doctor to recruit female victims with promises of a job in Spain.

All suspects are currently in preventative prison as the investigation continues.



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