If the World you find yourself in, is a Canvas and your life the brush with people as the colors.

Would You paint? Or would You sit and stare!

If you choose to paint, what will be your favorite colors?

How would You know, which color comes first and second

Would you paint today and quit tomorrow?
Just because it’s looking like a baby’s play book?

Would You be steadfast, patient enough just to wait for your buyer to pass by and exclaim, in admiration of your incredible art. Just so You could see your hard work pay off!

Yes that’s exactly what life is about. Don’t seat and stare, start working on that dream.

Initially, you might not understand what you are doing, it will come clear soon.

The more you paint, the more your colors begin to pop, till it becomes a SHOW STOPPER.

You will encounter disturbing distractions along the way but be very focused. Yes you can do it.

You too can color your world.

Would You?
Would you pick up that brush and Color your WORLD!

I’m #jemimahchuks
Your Friend in the School of Success.

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