Columbia will give full scholarships to refugees and other displaced students

Columbia University announced a new universitywide scholarship for refugees and other displaced students.

The scholarship will fund full tuition and housing and living expenses for up to 30 students annually to attend undergraduate or graduate programs across the university.

The scholarship program is open to foreign nationals who are either internally or externally displaced with refugee status, who have received asylum in the United States or submitted an asylum application, or who are in the U.S. under temporary protected status.

“The program sends a powerful message about the role that colleges and universities should be playing to help young people whose educations have been disrupted because they have been forced to flee violence and persecution in their home countries,” said University President Lee C. Bollinger.

To be administered by the Columbia Global Centers, the program will cost $6 million annually.

Initially, it began in 2016 as a scholarship program for Syrian refugees, founded by professor Bruce Usher at The Tamer Center for Social Enterprise. The Business School, the School of International and Public Affairs and Columbia College followed shortly thereafter.

Foreign nationals from anywhere in the world are eligible for the program. They must either be internally or externally displaced with refugee status or have either received asylum or submitted an application for asylum in the United States.


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