Cops Who Killed Osaze Osagie, Nigerian Student In US, Cleared Of Charges

State College cops who killed Osaze Osagie, a Nigerian student in the United States, have been cleared of all charges.

The police officers had implemented the use of force while serving a mental health warrant that resulted in the death of Osaze Osagie on March 20.

According to a the Centre County District Attorney Bernie Cantorna, the officers were in a “life-and-death situation” when they shot Osagie who was approaching them with a 5.16-inch steak knife, Onwardstate reports.

Osagie died of multiple gunshot wounds after the confrontation at his apartment on Old Boalsburg Road.

No charges will be filed against any of the officers involved in serving the warrant, and none of them were referenced by name by Cantorna.

“Given the distance between Mr. Osagie and the officers and the speed at which Mr. Osagie was moving, Mr. Osagie had ample opportunity to seriously injure and potentially kill both officers,” Cantora said in a press conference.

“The time that Officer No. 1 shot, there was no time for any alternative means to stop a potentially deadly attack by Mr. Osagie. At the time of the incident, both officers acted consistently with their training and were justified in the use of force.”

The full report detailed the course of events that led to the Osagie’s death after his father reported him missing on March 19.

According to Cantorna, the confrontation between Osagie and police at his apartment lasted about 30 seconds from the first knock on the door until he approached them with a knife and was shot.

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