Coronavirus: A Facebook user shares his experience

A Nigerian man by name Gbenga Osifeso, who lives in London, shares his Experience with corona virus on facebook.

Read below……………………….

Good evening… I wasn’t going to talk about my experience with the corona virus symptoms. But, so many of my friends thought that I should say something and also let people know that it’s real. It started from the day I got back from the club…. I slept and I woke up around midday, but as I woke up, I found myself coughing so much and also this killer headache in my head. I remembered that I was on the phone with my partner, and I remembered her telling me that why are you coughing like that. I told her about my headache and I remembered her telling me to take some headache tablets. Afterwards, I dozed off again, but in the middle of my sleep I knew that something was not right. All through the night I couldn’t eat at all. On Sunday, when I woke up I noticed that it was getting worse, I had severe headache, coughing seriously and also I was sweating like I was sleeping in a bed full of cold water. My partner called me, because all the time she wanted to come, I would say no.. I am going to be okay. But really, it was getting worse. She now said, if you know that this is bad call 111 and tell them, what is happening with you. I took the number down in my head and tried to sleep, in between, I must have woken up about 6 times because, my coughing, sweating and headache was really out of the ordinary. At about 5am Monday morning, I decided to call the 111 number of which I did. Now, I am not one to be patient on the phone because I remembered that I was on it for nearly 1hr and at the same time I was feeling all this pains, ache and sweats all over me. Eventually I got through, I told them everything and they said that I have the virus off which I should be isolated for 7-14 days, however if it’s still not gone away, then they would send for the ambulance to come and pick me up. They also told me that I should only take paracetamol, no other headache tablets. I called my partner and told her about what they said and she became really scared, I reassured her that I would fight this thing. I took the paracetamol, I even decided to go on our own remedy, garlic, lemon, lime. I am one person that can’t stand garlic, but I eat it raw, in between, I haven’t eaten now going for 4 days. Also I managed to be active by posting people’s birthdays and also my verse from the bible every day, and also the only people that knew was my partner… One thing in my family is that we always talk to each other at least twice a day. My brother (bode) kept calling me, but I cut the phone because I couldn’t speak,,, my best friend (Tunde) kept calling me… So on the 5th day I decided to tell tunde and I told him that if I should hear it from anyone, that would be the end of our friendship. One minute, I would think I am getting better, the next minute I am In a worst state. Now, I have not eaten for 6 days. My partner decided that enough is enough, she came down, all geared up from top to bottom, made me one of my favourite, fish pepper soup. She stayed the night in the living room, while I stayed in the room. The soup was very nice but as I tasted it…. I didn’t have the appetite for it at all… Like my sister( Laydeejayne Olaitan) said.. I was really afraid of sleeping, I would keep myself awake by going into Facebook or Instagram and also watch Netflix until I fell asleep. Sunday.. The 10th day…. How could I forget… That was the day that I saw life and death in front of me. I woke up that morning with a very big chest pain, I remembered everytime I wanted to talk, it was like I was been hit with 2 big hammers on my chest, my partner looked at me and said I think we should go to the hospital, I said to her in a cheeky way, I am going to be fine…. She made sure that I took my tablets, boiled hot water and told me to inhale it through my nose…. I did everything, I fell asleep. I remembered that I saw a shadow of her as she was leaving because she had to go to work. So I said don’t worry, I would be fine. That’s when it started. I must have fallen asleep for about one hour and suddenly I woke up, I couldn’t breathe and when I say that I couldn’t breathe, it was really serious. I started holding my throat, gasping for air, I fell off my bed, it got to a stage that I gave up, but I had tears rolling down my eyes and in as much as I couldn’t talk much, I was begging God that please don’t let this happen to me, please forgive me of my sins, I also want to see my grandchildren. My phone was ringing, I managed to crawl to my phone, it was my partner, she noticed that I couldn’t breathe, she started crying and telling me that I should go to the bathroom… I just said okay… Then my phone rang again, I thought that it was her, but instead it was my friend. Adewale oteju, he said I have been calling you, why haven’t you picked up my calls (remember, I didn’t tell him about what was going on)…. The only thing that came out of my mouth was I kept telling him I can’t breathe. All that time, I was on the floor holding my throat. Then another call came in, I picked it up and it was my brother shouting at me saying, why am I telling oteju that I can’t breathe (my brother didn’t know what was going on at all from the beginning, because I didn’t tell him)… Because, I couldn’t speak that much, I dropped the phone on him…. With my left hand to my throat, I managed to open the door to my room…. Now meanwhile the guy leaving upstairs wanted to ask me for something, but as he was knocking, he could see that something was not right, he broke my entrance door saw me on the floor, he was panicking, I managed to convince him to take me to the bathroom, he took off my clothes, put me in the bathroom, ran the shower for me, I was in the bath for an hour. All of a sudden, I started to come back to life, again he brought my towel, I got to my room and everything was now coming back to me and also back to normal…. In between, my partner was calling me I managed to pick up the phone and said a few words, she said to me that you need to drink lucozade as I have no sugar in my system and I haven’t eaten for 6 days…. I drank the lucozade and I didn’t know, when I slept off…. I woke up the next day, which was Monday morning, I still couldn’t eat, but, I started to see improvement in my system. I got a call on the 14th day… I was 70%, I told about everything that I went through…. I told them how I was feeling and here I am today…… NB…. I KNOW THAT A LOT OF US DON’T TAKE THIS THING TO BE REAL,… IN BETWEEN MY BEING ALIVE, I HAVE LOST ABOUT 5 FRIENDS AND EVEN MY COUSIN TO THIS DEADLY VIRUS. PLEASE STAY HOME, STAY SAFE AND STAY BLESSED… THAT’S WHY I GIVE GOD THE GLORY FOR MY LIFE. I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANK YOU TO SOME PEOPLE…. GOD ALMIGHTY FOR GIVING ME A SECOND CHANCE TO LIVE….. MY PARTNER…. FLORENCE(Floxy James)… Wao, what can I say about this incredible and God sent lady.. Love you 4life… My sister. Betty Akerele… Love you so much sis that’s my Mother always praying and checking up on me. Love you so much sis …. My good friends… Adewale oteju and Tunde ‘Gbesh’ Orejobi… Thanks for checking up on me everyday…. My brother.. Olabode Osifeso….. Always on my case, love you 4life my blood….. Ola Ola Ememerha Ogunfolaju… One of the 1st people to know… My confidant… Thanks sis. Luv you 4life sis… Thanks to my beautiful sis Princess Aderinsola Osifeso… She was always crying on the phone and praying for me. … Nikky Anike Arike…. My sis.. Thank you so much.. Luv you 4life….. To everyone that called me after seeing my picture on Facebook… God bless you all… Luv you all 4life…. My beautiful daughter…. Maria…. Wao… You are my Angel… Always crying on the phone reassuring me that dad, you are going to be here for a long time. And for one more time, I would again like to thank the Almighty father for giving me life again….. Thanks to Laydeejayne Olaitan…. I wasn’t going to say anything but she said to me…. You have to tell people about your experience…….. I am getting better and by the way. That picture was taken last week…… God bless you all.. One luv.

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