Delaware State Auditor in Chief Kathleen Mcguiness Meets With Small Business Owners [Video]

Delaware State Auditor in Chief, Katheen Mcguiness shared a vital information about her work with the state since her tenor.

Katheen Mcguiness  talked about great community activity, that she and her staff has been part of building lots of community businesses  and associating with lots of local businesses. She has also organised and implemented lots of community work, couple of training to hired over 20 new staff into her ministry.

Kathleen also added that She is working with millenials  empowering the youth and the young ones.

This seminar is a powerful seminar where she shared with the local business that where in attendant, about the State’s processes in auditing and state expectations from small businesses.

The Delaware Auditor in Chief also told the people that she is available and willing to address any issue that they have, she is reachable, she  said that she is her office and always willing to partner with local businesses to make sure that they are doing well. Her passion is to grow small businesses and also help large businesses to continue to thrive.

As a community leader, Katheen Mcguiness also empowers individuals that are willing to be part of her ministry and  are willing to start up new businesses. she also said that she is available to relate with minority groups, leaders of various community.

In attendance where various organisations and community leaders, as well as CEOs of local businesses in Delaware.

A couple of the people in attendance, the CEOs asked vital questions and shared their concerns which she addressed amicably,  and the attendees were impressed and very marveled at her eloquence and willingness to share information with them.

She encouraged the small businesses to continue to thrive as she promised to address some of their concerns and assuring them that from henceforth she will make sure that their businesses  are not facing any hardship or challenges from the State or anyone in the State as per being victimized.

Jemimah Chuks who anchored this Event also encouraged owners Small businesses  to be open and transparent, she also said how its important to share information and train others and also encourage owners small businesses to be available to partner with the state to achieve community alliance. Jemimah Chuks is the talk show hostess for Jemimah Show and also the author of the Money Machine Master class.

Mr.Wale  Adelogunja who introduced the State Auditor  Katheen Mcguiness also gave credit to her and commended her for her great work and willingness to work with the community.

Mr.Wale  Adelogunja who is the chairman of CEDAD also encouraged the members of the community and Local businesses to continue to thrive and continue to succeed. He also thanked everyone in attendance.

After the event Jemimah Chuks had the opportunity to interview a couple of the attendees who share how remarkable the event was, how they were so happy to hear from the State auditor and they were so happy because they feel their business stands a chance to succeed.

Watch video below……..


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