Latin sensation Luis Fonsi alongside Daddy Yankee have had their record DESPACITO raking in 6 billion views on YouTube.

The song which was released in January 2017 has been the toast of many people who love good music.

After 2 years, it still has so much views and likes on YouTube.

The song surpassed all expectations as it beat hands down second place competitor Ed Sheeran who sang SHAPE OF YOU  with over 4 billion views.

According to officials at the video-streaming site, during the height of the Grammy-nominated tune’s popularity, its promo was being streamed an average of 25.7 million times per day. That figure has since dropped significantly, but it’s still at an impressive 2.8 million average views a day so far in 2019, reports Billboard.

Despacito has continued to break boundaries ever since its debut – it became the first video to break three billion views on YouTube, before going on to make history as it crossed four and five billion, too.

It has seen over a thousand remixes made for it and so far, Luis Fonsi is smiling to the bank by the minute.

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