Doctors who found out that vaccines had cancer enzymes in them have all be found dead, and the cause was said to be suicide. The deaths of the doctors did leave the medical community speechless because they had been researchers who had been working on a new breakthrough cure for cancer.

Doctor Was Found Dead in River with Gunshot Wound to Chest

Dr. James Bradstreet is a renowned specialist in autism, and he had been looking into the enzyme before his premature death in July 2015. The body of Bradstreet had been found floating in a river in North Carolina, and a post-mortem revealed he had died from a gunshot wound to his chest. It was said that the doctor might have been murdered due to the controversial research he was conducting. Bradstreet along with his colleagues found out that nagalase was compromising the immune system and it was thought that it was being introduced into the body by way of vaccines.

Dr. Bradstreet worked with a compound that was naturally occurring, and which might be the most effective thing in the body’s immune system for killing cancer cells in the body. Nagalase is said to interfere with one of the most important proteins in the human body that kill cancer cells according to Dr. Ted Broer.

The breakthrough cancer cure has a globulin component macrophage-activating factor, also known as GcMAF. This activates the macrophages existent in the body and helps the body to destroy any cancer cells. The body produces the substance on its own, but most patients suffering cancer are not able to produce enough to kill off the disease. When given GcMAF the immune system of the sufferer becomes stronger and helps the body to fight cancer without the person having to undergo treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy, which are considered evasive.

It was said that the GcMAF gives the body the power to cure itself. The body’s GcMAF in a person who is healthy has eleven actions, and this includes two on cells, six on cancer and three effects on the brain. It was said that it could act to direct the body’s immune systems.

A video reveals how GcMAF works by way of time-lapse photography over a 60-hour period. Some people have said that there is no doubt, why the big pharmaceutical companies might have seen the work of the doctors as their enemy.

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