Eight-year-old hailed as hero for preventing potential school shooting

A Florida third grader is being called a hero for possibly preventing a school shooting after he reported a classmate who brought a loaded gun to school on Thursday.

Eight-year-old Blake Johnson was in the boy’s bathroom at Hudson Elementary School in Hudson, Fla., when another student showed him a loaded 9 mm pistol that he pulled from his backpack.

“He pulled it out, like, and pointed it at the wall,” Johnson told WFLA. “He said ‘If you tell,’ he’ll kill me.”

Johnson said he was a little scared. But he alerted a school security guard, who quickly secured the gun and the student before anyone was hurt. That student, who is also eight, faces possible criminal charges.

Johnson’s mother, Laynie, found out about the incident when the school sent a message out to parents — but she had no idea her son was the hero.

“Sure enough he comes home and tells the whole nine yards,” he said. “He was the one who actually saw the gun, and took the initiative to go get the help.”

Blake and other students are taught if they see something, they should say something. His mother said he passed the real-world test.

“I’m happy that he knows what to do and I’m happy that he was brave enough to do it,” she said. “I’m very proud.”

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