Elton John’s ex-wife demands £3 million payout – after he wrote about marriage in autobiography

Elton John’s ex-wife has demanded a £3 million payout, after he wrote about their marriage in his autobiography, Me, which was released in 2019.

The 73-year-old married Renate Blauel in 1984, but they divorced four years later in 1988.

According to The Sun, Elton’s ex-wife has filed documents with the High Court in London, claiming that he broke the terms of an agreement they made when they split.

Although the news outlet maintains that comments made in the book about their relationship ‘were entirely positive.’

According to legal documents filed at London’s high court this week, the comments made in the book broke the terms of an agreement made when they divorced 32 years ago.

The documents state that John agreed to remove certain passages before the publication of the book, but Blauel, a German-born sound engineer, claims that the comments triggered long-standing mental health problems.

John, who is now married and has two children with husband David Furnish, admitted “huge guilt and regret” for causing her hurt during the relationship.

He also wrote about having very limited contact with Blauel following their separation, but had invited her to meet his children because he “wanted her to be part of our lives, and us part of hers, in some way”.

“But she didn’t want to,” he said, “and I didn’t push the issue. I have to respect how she feels.”

A source close to Elton has said: “Elton is shocked and saddened by Blauel’s claim, especially as he has only ever praised her publicly.”

“He has always had a very pleasant relationship with Blauel, respects her enormously and would never have said anything revealing about their marriage,” another insider commented.

It’s also understood Elton wasn’t aware of his ex-wife’s mental health issues.

A friend told the paper: “He very much hopes she will see sense and drop this case.”

The pair met in 1983 while John was working on his Too Low for Zero album. They married on Valentine’s Day 1984 in Australia and got divorced four years later before the singer came out as gay.

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