1. The frequent habit of excommunicating the contacts or person that gave you the first access to a business opportunity; what goes around frequently comes around, the Theory of Recycled Behavior states that “when it comes to the corridor of either money, business, love or power, every human behavior can be predictably recycled” if he can do it to the person that introduced him to you without feeling guilty, he will certainly replicate likewise to you tomorrow thinking he’s the smartest.

2. Attempting to assassinate the character of your door person regardless of his or her imperfections or poor negotiation acumen, the person that recommended & publicly endorsed your services & competency. Learning to accommodate human imperfections is an asset.

3. Frequently attempting to outsmart every first business partner that initiate a business process or idea, 

4. Always refusing to reward the little referral sacrifice done by a novice referrers; their efforts & enthusiasm will surely multiply if they notice a dynamic non-negotiable referral reward system created around your organization or products

5.  Not honouring/respecting nor in acceptance with your business partners business ethics & work philosophy; learn to always respect the protocol surrounding any organization before attempting to do any business with them. Queen of Sheba honoured every protocol surrounding king Solomon dynasty.

Credit: Manasseh Dogon

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