Florida driver who killed 3 teens was exotic dancer with suspended license, smelled of alcohol: report

The driver behind the wheel of a car that struck and killed three Florida teens waiting for a bus to a soccer tournament Saturday was reportedly an exotic dancer with a suspended license who cops claimed reeked of alcohol.

However, surveillance video released over the weekend shows Gedeon Desir, 13, Richecarde Dumay, 17, and Lens Desir, 15, walking along a sidewalk on Northeast 125th Street near 14th Avenue about 5:15 a.m. Saturday, making their way to a bus stop as they headed for a soccer tournament in Weston. Seconds later, the boys are out of the camera’s view, but a black SUV, appearing to be going very fast, goes through an intersection, going in their direction.

“The driver of the vehicle lost control of the vehicle, went onto the sidewalk and struck the kids,” North Miami police officer Natalie Buissereth, told reporters.

The driver involved in the crash was hospitalized in serious condition. Police haven’t released her name but a new Miami Heraldreport identified her as a 31-year-old Mariam Coulibaly as the woman behind the wheel, exotic dancer with a suspended license.

Coulibaly told medical personnel she had been partying all night before the fatal accident, according to the Herald’s report Tuesday.

“I came from a black out. When I woke up I didn’t even know that I hurt people,” Coulibaly said, according to the Herald.

The driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital in serious condition, and the Herald quotes Coulibaly describing her injuries: “I shattered my chest. I had surgery on my stomach; shattered my hip.”

The three teens were members of the Little Haiti Football Club, which says its mission is to serve at-risk youth in the community.



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