woman jump into lagoon


Lots of people are still trying to rap their heads around the incident that took place on Sunday,were a woman jump into the lagoon on third mainland bridge in Lagos. It was learnt that the woman had around 5pm plunged into the lagoon after coming down from a cab. officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency and Marine Police, supported by local divers, had been looking for the victim in the lagoon. Some motorists had initially said a Ford Explorer SUV left on the Third Mainland Bridge was owned by the victim. However, investigations by rescue workers showed that the vehicle was owned by a first responder.
woman jump into lagoon
According to reports and sources close to her family the woman is a Texas based Businesswoman, and her Husband used to work in a Bank But trouble started after she got involved with another guy, who threatened to release her nudes if she doesn’t pay him N10m, Which he has already done. According to reports, the lady later got him arrested, only for him to release the nude pictures of them together in order to prove his innocence to the police that whatever happened between both of them was consensual and that he’s not a fraudster as claimed by the deceased.
The blackmail from the man allegedly got to the lady’s husband and this compelled him to conduct a DNA test on all their 3 children which later turned out that they are not his children. The series of events allegedly pushed the deceased into committing suicide. An update on the report reveals that her lover who duped her of N10 Million and released her Unclad pictures is currently in the hospital under police custody (as seen in the video below). He is said to have suffered from shock, upon hearing what had happened as a result of his illicit affair.
woman jump into lagoon

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