Jada Pinkett-Smith says sex toys are secret to successful marriage with Will

Actress Pinkett Smith, 47, has come out to reveal the secrets behind her successful marriage with Will Smith. She disclosed that sex toys are the main factor that has been spicing up the 22 year old marriage.

“People are shocked about my love for using sex toys. I know damn well I’m not the only one that uses them.

“Nobody has to feel any shame about it but I’m still surprised how people relate to sex, specifically female sexuality – it’s still such a taboo.

Furthermore, the star actress stated that opening up about their marriage issues have brought her and Will, 50, closer.

she hopes the existences of their marriage, inspires other people who want to have a more better relationship.

She said:
“Will and I really wanted to dissolve the myths that surround partnerships that are in the public eye, as if they’re easy.

“Those partnerships are going through the exact kind of difficulties everyone else is going through.

” We got a lot of positive responses from people in our industry. I think it gave people the opportunity to sit down with their partner.”

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