Lawyers For Cristiano Ronaldo Accuser May Release Rape Evidence

Attorneys for Kathryn Mayorga, the Las Vegas woman who says Cristiano Ronaldo raped her in 2009, told reporters Wednesday that they may publicly release evidence against the soccer star.

Mayorga’s lawyers said members of the press had requested several documents pertaining to Mayorga’s claims that they were “carefully reviewing for possible release.”


The documents include an initial police report and medical records from Mayorga’s sexual assault examination, conducted shortly after she said Ronaldo had raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room when she was 25.

Also up for release is a copy of the nondisclosure agreement Mayorga says she signed as part of a $375,000 out-of-court settlement with Ronaldo. Mayorga’s attorneys said they may also release a recent psychiatric evaluation that found she was likely psychologically unfit at the time to enter into the agreement.

“She explained that since the 2009 sexual assault, she has experienced depression, intrusive thoughts, considered suicide, abused alcohol and had difficulty maintaining personal relationships and employment,” Mayorga’s attorney Larissa Drohobyczer told reporters on Wednesday.

Mayorga’s lawyers say the doctor they obtained to examine their client has diagnosed her with major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder linked to alleged rape.


Ronaldo, who plays for the Italian club Juventus and Portugal’s national team, vehemently denied Mayorga’s accusation, taking to Twitter on Wednesday morning to call it a “media spectacle” aimed at taking him down.

Mayorga filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo on Sept. 27 and detailed her allegations against him to Germany’s weekly news publication Der Spiegel on Sept. 29.

Stovall said Mayorga was inspired to come forward with her experience after seeing so many other women speak out about similar incidents.

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