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Remenber The Young Girl That Was Shot In The Head Back In 2015,Well She Is Turning 21 And She Has Stated What She Wanted As A Birthday Gift, And Less I Forget Her Name Is Malala Yousafzai.

According To Her She Said What She Wanted Is For All Girls To Be Able To Have Access To Safe And Quality Education,” The Pakistani Human Rights Advocate Said From Northeast Brazil, Where She Celebrated The Big 21 By Advocating For Local Girls’ Rights To Attend School.

malala turns


Malala Come Of Age Under The Rule Of Taliban In Northwest Pakistan. When She Was Just 15 Years Old, Malala Was On The Bus Home From School When A Masked Man Approached The Vehicle And Ordered To Know: Who Is Malala?

No One On The Bus Responded, However Several Girls Turned To Look At Her. He Then Lifted A Gun And Shot Her In The Head.

Malala Turned The Traumatic Experience Into A Launching Pad For Her Already Budding Work As An Advocate For Women And Girls.

After Surviving An Assassination Attempt, She Continued To Diligently Advocate For The Education Of Girls Around The World And Founded Her Own Non-Profit Ngo, Wrote A Bestselling Journal, Starred In A Documentary About Her Life And Became The Youngest-Ever Nobel Laureate — All Before The Age Of 21.

And She Isn’t Even Taking The Day Off.

malala turns

She Spent The Days Before Her Birthday In The City Of Salvador, In The Bahia State Of Brazil, Where She Met With A Local Schoolgirl Named Maikele. Maikele Is Part Of The Indigineous Tupinamba Tribe From Northeastern Brazil, And Her Father Was Murdered As Part Of A Territorial Clash Leaving Behind Her Mother With Nine Children To Take Care Of.

Despite Her Household Duties, Maikele Has Always Attended Indigenous Schools. She Used To Wake Up At 4 A.M., Walk Five Miles, And Then Take An Hour Long Bus Ride Just To Get To The Local School. Though Maikele Currently Lives In A Community Where She Can Take A Bus To School Without Trekking Five Miles, The Bus Is Often Cancelled Due To Rain Or Poor Infrastructure. Malala Spent The Day With Girls Like Maikele To Learn More About What Barriers They Face Just Trying To Get An Education.

“I’m Also Here To Highlight The Issues That These Young Girls Are Facing, And That There Are 1.5 Million Girls In Brazil Who Are Out Of School, And We See This Huge Disparity When It Comes To The Afro-Brazilian And Indigenous Population In Brazil,” She Added. “So Something Needs To Be Done.”

malala turns

“I’m Here To Raise My Voice And Stand With Them And Invest In Local Activists Here,” She Added. “My Birthday Wish Is That All Girls Can Have Access To Safe And Quality Education.”

She Said “In Some Parts Of The World, Students Are Going To School Every Day. It’s Their Normal Life, But In Other Part Of The World, We Are Starving For Education,” She Added. “It’s Like A Precious Gift. It’s Like A Diamond.”

Meanwhile Malala Has Spent Her Past Birthdays Doing What She Is Most Passionate About: Advocating For The Rights Of Women And Girls To Get An Education.

Last Year, She Spend Her Birthday In A Camp For Internally Displaced People In Iraq, Where She Met With 13-Year-Old Nayir Who Fled Her Hometown Of Mosul After Isis Took Over The City. Nayir Said She Was Out Of School For Three Years, But After Beginning To Attend School At The Idp Camp, She Says “It Was As If All My Hopes Came Back.”

malala turns
malala turns


The Year Before, Malala Spent Her Birthday In Kenya, Where She Met Rahma, A Schoolgirl Who Escaped An Arranged Child Marriage And Fled To A Refugee Camp.

In 2015, Malala Rang In Her 18th Birthday By Opening A School For Syrian Refugee Girls Living In An Informal Camp In Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.

In 2014, Malala Spent Her Birthday Visiting The Families Of The Abducted Chibok Schoolgirls In Nigeria.


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