Maryland inmate, 26, released from fatally stabbed coronavirus, 63, authorities say

Police say that a Maryland inmate who was released from jail over coronavirus concerns stabbed a 63-year-old man to death in late July.

Justin Wilson, 26, of Germantown, Maryland, faces a first degree murder charges for the July 23 death of Edigio Ienzi, 63, also of Germantown.

According to court records, a Montgomery County judge had released Wilson from jail in April, due to coronavirus concerns.

Wilson had filed an emergency petition with the court to be released due to the ‘immediate threat posed by [the] COVID-19 pandemic,’ ABC 7 reported.

Then on July 23, Wilson allegedly got involved in a struggle with Edigio Ienzi, 63, also of Germantown, the station reported. A relative of Ienzi’s told police Wilson was holding a knife.

Police said that one of Ienzi’s relatives – his 16-year-old daughter – said she saw Ienzi struggling with Wilson, who was holding a knife on the morning of July 23.

Ienzi died from stab wounds while at a nearby hospital later that day.

The day after his death, police said his son told them that surveillance video confirmed his suspicion that Wilson had killed his father.


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