A mother got an amazing surprise of her life as her husband astonished her at the emergency clinic after she gave birth to their twin young girls.

Cydney Cooper of Topeka, Kansas, had put to bed two weeks sooner to Emma and Kyla Cooper. Her spouse Skyler Cooper is an individual from the Kansas Army National Guard and had been positioned in Kuwait. It had been 7 months since the couple had seen each other.

On Feb. 4, Cooper, who had put to bed ahead of schedule at 33 weeks pregnant, was visiting her kids in the neonatal emergency unit. She had been messaging Skyler to refresh him on how the young girls were doing when unexpectedly, he went into the room.

“I was in stun,” Cooper said “I had a feeling that I needed to nearly slowly inhale once more. I had been bouncing around such a great amount between our young boys and the young girls I was likewise relieved.

The Coopers are also parents to two boys, Leighton, 3 and Corbett, 1.

Cooper’s weeping reaction was caught on record. She shared it on Facebook where it accumulated 6.4 million views.

“It was an immeasurable minute to see him meet his girls out of the blue,” Cooper said. “We simply need to get them home at this point.”

Cooper said the young girls are doing great, yet need to grow somewhat more in the NICU before the whole family is under a similar rooftop once more.

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