NationalStopTheViolence submite


The National Stop the Violence Summit, held at the Senate building(Kennedy Caucus) in washington DC. Organized by Dr Coney( The CEO of National Stop the Violence Alliance Inc.) On the 17th of the May, 2018

The Summit was a great Success tittled ” Building Communities of Trust”. The primary purpose of this incredible event is aimed at bridging the gap between Community and Law Enforcement.

In attendance was His Excellency the Ambassador of Gambia, Congress Woman Sheila Jackson, Senator Val Demings, delegates from Various state Police , Human right advocates as well and noble Peace Ambassadors. The Young Children from the National Stop the Violence Alliance also colored the event with their wonderful dance presentation as well as work white Uniforms to show Peace.

Violence is a disease that has been in existence for a very long time,a lot of  people have lost their lives to different types of violence, be it domestic, peer group ,sexual, community, or media violence, just have it in mind that all these things can cause a great havoc or serious setback for humanity generally.

NationalStopTheViolence submite

According to researchers violent behaviour may have many different causes, some of which are inborn but most of which are learned from experiencing or witnessing violent behaviour by others, particularly those who are role models and due to these, a lot of governmental and non governmental organisation have been set up in order to put a stop to violence both nationally and internationally and National Stop the Violence Alliance, Inc(NSTVA) is one of them

NationalStopTheViolence submite

founded by Stephne R. Coney, who is a strong, outspoken and mysterious woman, a native of Camden, New Jersey and a single mother raised by a single mother, Dr. Coney started the National Stop the Violence Alliance in 1991 “when Camden was burning down.

Dr. Stephne R. Coney is a graduate of Johnson C. Smith, Texas Southern, and Nova South-eastern Universities. She holds a total of six degrees, including a doctorate in Youth and Child Studies and Human Services. Dr. Coney is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the NAACP, the League of Women Voters, and other prestigious organizations. She has one daughter.

Dr. Coney saw how violence and other ailments affecting her neighbourhood and the citizens within. She also saw how violence and gang activity had grown rapidly, With the teachings of nonviolence seen in the philosophies of Mohandas Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa, Dr. Coney incorporated National Stop the Violence and its immediate mission was to end violence across the country.

NationalStopTheViolence submite

Dr. Coney has carefully worked to drive understanding of the challenges facing urban families – the mothers running the households and the children, and she points to the shocking statistics of the numbers of killing happening annually. She describes a picture of a young child holding a gun and says there is nothing more disturbing. Coney support stronger and more aggressive gun laws, to protect and preserve the children, the law enforcement professionals and the greater communities.

NSTVAI mission is to help heal communities through the principles of nonviolence. Thay are also committed to working collaboratively with the community through ministerial outreach, youth programs, collective conferences with law enforcement agencies and public officials, and they also organise informational seminars about the effects of drug usage, gang violence, sex education, and about economic uplifting, such as how to obtain employment, and how to manage unemployment. It is NSTVA’s mission to help end violence across the country and to bring awareness to the many illnesses that has affected a lot of  culture.

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