New Minister Of State, Jamaica Charles Purnell Visits USA.

The New Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jamaica (Charles Purnell) is being welcomed to the United States. This reception hosted by the Jamaican Ambassador, Audrey Marks was a grand. Audrey Marks who assumed duties at the Embassy on 12 September 2016, looked forward to interacting and meeting members of the Diaspora.  

Mr Charles Purnell stated that he has never seen faces that are very appreciative when he went to Cuba and he sent boxes of bananas to students who where studying there. 

He says he may not have the time to meet with everyone while on his courtesy visit to the USA, but he intends to make an impact no matter how little. He states that he is grateful for the opportunity to serve this constituency and that he is an open leader. 


He wants to bring a new dispensation that focuses on connectivity, on partnership and facilitation of requests and needs of Jamaicans in Diaspora.

Jamaicans who live outside Jamaicans do not feel left out anywhere they are in USA. He stated that he wants to let everyone know that Jamaica is no longer a land space but a People. As  a Government, we are moving in one direction. 

He further stated that wherever he has been, several places like Chile, Argentina and Germany, they appreciate and recognize Jamaicans because of their innate capabilities to spread and make huge impact everywhere they go. As a Government, Jamaica is striving to grow its Per capital income, GDP and lower its inflation rates with crime rates falling by 80% (which still means that there is a lot more work to be done).

Jamaica, with this new dispensation of The Most Honorable, Andrew Michael Holness, O.N., M.P Prime Minister is looking towards brighter and better years ahead and together Jamaicans will be able to transform the views of everyone concerning Jamaica with the intention of harnessing the power of Jamaicans in Diaspora.

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