Newborn baby is rescued after being found buried alive on a farm in India

A newborn baby has been rescued after being found buried alive on a farm.

The baby was discovered by a labourer who spotted a face poking out while working in the fields in Khatima, India on Wednesday.

Footage shows the man, other locals and the police working frantically to pull the baby out – saving its life.

The dust-covered child appears motionless as a woman wipes its face and wraps it in a brightly-coloured scarf.

Remarkably, after the infant was rushed to a hospital to receive treatment, it is now said to be in a stable condition.

It’s unknown how the baby came to be buried in the field, which is located near the country’s border with Nepal.

In October 2019 a tiny newborn girl was found alive after being buried in a shallow grave – allegedly by her parents who were hoping for a boy.

The three-day-old was found inside a sealed clay pot, wrapped in cloth and buried just three feet beneath the earth at a village crematorium in Northern India.

The little girl – dubbed a “fighter” by docs – was discovered by labourers who were digging a grave for another couple whose daughter had been stillborn.

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