Nigerian man faces jail sentence after spitting into policewoman’s eye in England

A 41-year-old Nigerian man who was already on bail for assaulting one police officer spat blood into a policewoman’s eye as he was being arrested following a dispute with his neighbors in Coventry, U.K.

Temisan Oritsejafor has now been warned by a judge at Warwick Crown Court to expect ‘a significant custodial sentence’ – with consecutive jail terms for the two assaults.

He had pleaded guilty to common assault and two charges of common assault on emergency workers.

Prosecutor Mark Phillips said that on April 18, the police were called to Vincent Wyles House because of an altercation between Oritsejafor and his neighbor, Alison Osborne.

The two officers asked to go into his flat to speak to him about what had happened, but Oritsejafor, who was on bail for a previous assault on a police officer, refused.

A male officer who believed he was being aggressive took him to the floor, and was assisted by a female colleague, Pc Napier, to restrain him. “As they were getting him up, he spits into the officer’s face and it catches her straight in the eye.”

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