NYC man released from Rikers Island over coronavirus arrested on new rape charge

A Brooklyn man was arrested Saturday for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman just 10 days after he was released from Rikers Island over concerns about the spread of the coronavirus behind bars, according to a report.

Police responding to a 911 call found Robert Pondexter, 57 — and his crackpipe — at around 5:45 a.m. Saturday on East New York Avenue, between Schenectady and Troy avenues, the sources allege.

The caller told police a man had been walking across the street from a supportive housing development when he allegedly grabbed a 58-year-old woman whom he did not know by the collar and pulled her into a school parking lot.

The woman told officers he forced her to perform oral sex and demanded that she remove her pants before she was able to kick away from him. She was transported to a local hospital.

Pondexter had been detained in Rikers on a prior rape charge relating to an attack on a different woman, who he had allegedly known and used drugs with.

He was released on April 15 as part of an effort to improve social distancing and reduce the spread of the deadly virus, sources told The Post.

The woman was transported to a hospital and Pondexter was arrested at the scene and faces charges for attempted rape and sexual assault, among others.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has previously said that roughly 2,000 city inmates have been released since mid-March due to the epidemic.


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