Parrot ‘who heard victim’s last words’ to give evidence in rape and murder trial

A parrot may be used to give evidence in an upcoming rape and murder trial. The police believe that the bird heard its owner’s last words.

A 46-year-old woman, named Elizabeth Toledo, was raped and then killed in San Fernando, Argentina in December 2018. A police officer who was guarding the crime scene had heard somebody say, “Ay, no, Por favour, soltame!” (“No, please, let me go!”).

When he looked inside the apartment, he found the body lying on the floor, along with a green parrot in a cage.

The cop believes that the parrot was repeating its owner’s last words while she was allegedly beaten and raped by two of her housemates.

Evidence also includes witness testimony from a neighbour who claimed to have seen the parrot repeat the trick on a different occasion.


That witness told police that the parrot once said ‘por qué me pegaste?’ (why did you hit me?) after one of the men hit Toledo.


51-year-old Miguel Saturnino Rolon and 62-year-old Jorge Raul Alvarez are on trial for the rape and murder of 46-year-old Elizabeth Toledo in Buenos Aires in 2018.

Head prosecutor Bibiana Santella has reportedly included the parrot’s ‘testimony’ in the case file. Other evidence includes a bite mark from the victim’s forearm which they say matches the bite of Rolon’s teeth ‘like a fingerprint’.

Meanwhile DNA evidence found on Toledo’s body will link Alvarez to the rape and killing, they allege.

An autopsy showed that the victim has been beaten, raped, and strangled to death, according to Clarin.


Ms Toledo rented a room to three men in the same house. Her housemates Miguel Saturnino Rolon and Jorge Raul Alvarez are the two who have been arrested in connection with the homicide.


The third housemate was also arrested, but he was not at home when the alleged incident occurred.


The trial’s start date hasn’t been revealed

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