Passenger jet is grounded after abandoned foetus is found blocking the toilet ahead of take-off in South Africa

A South African passenger jet was grounded after a fetus was found blocking one of its toilets just before take off.

Cleaners found the abandoned fetus in the toilet of a domestic FlySafair airliner that was scheduled to take off for an early morning flight from the coastal city of Durban to Johannesburg at around 6:15 am on Friday, June 21, according to News24.

FlySafair confirmed that flight FA411 had been delayed in a statement and said, “Upon final checks of the waste management system our teams encountered a finding which requires formal investigation from technical teams and police authorities. The issue which has unfortunately meant that the aircraft would be unable to operate this flight.”

Kirby Gordon, spokesperson for FlySafair said in a statement: “We will be doing everything in our power to aid authorities in the necessary investigations and thank our loyal customers for their patience with the resultant delay.”

South African Police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbele said “early investigations were underway” while urging pregnant women to ask for help if they need it.

She said: “If they have a problem, there are social workers, or they can go to the police, who can advise them where to go.

“There are social workers who can assist if you think you’re not ready for the pregnancy.”

FlySafair said they would be “happy to offer refunds or free changes” to passengers who were on board the scheduled flight.

After delays, the flight was eventually cancelled and all passengers were booked onto alternate flights by the airline’s crew on the ground.

The South African reports that laws around disposal and abandonment of foetal remains is complex in the country.

According to studies, it is “very rare that the person responsible for the disposal of the foetus is found guilty of murder”.

The identity of the mother is currently unknown.

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