Governor John Carney of Delaware has come out to support a motion for a #HealthierDelaware passed by Senator Townsend called the senate bill 25 legislature which seeks to raise the age of teenagers who can purchase tobacco.

The bill, when passed into law is meant to raise the age from 18 to 21; thus it becomes officially illegal for any teen under the age of 21 to be in possession of tobacco and tobacco-related substances.

The Governor said that for his over 20 years in public service, he has noticed that the purchase tobacco causes of cancer in Delaware were related to air and water pollution.

He said 85-90% of lung cancer cases were caused by tobacco use. In Delaware, lung cancer accounted for about 14% of all Senate diagnosed cancer cases & 30% of cancer deaths.

1400 lives are lost each year and the aim is to cut down the projected 17000 deaths in the next years to come, all related to lung cancer.


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