Pastor blamed attempted rape of girl on her ‘demons’: cops

The 42-year-old Pastor of Iglesia Pentecostal Principe De Paz church in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Octavio Cantarero has been arrested after trying to rape an underage girl.


The pervert Pastor reportedly offered the vulnerable underage girl a single bed in a private room in January before telling her they will be sleeping together.


After the child was able to resist Cantarero when she woke to see him trying to rape her, the US Pastor reportedly told her ‘that her demons had provoked him.’ He then said to have pleaded with the girl not to tell anyone about what had happened, that he could help pay for her clothes, rent, and school.


Cantarero turned himself in on Saturday September 21, after the police issued a warrant for his arrest earlier this month following the complaint made by the little girl in May. The Pastor who is being held without bail ahead of his next court appearance, has now been charged with a fourth degree sex attack as well as attempted second-degree rape of a minor.

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