A Kenyan secondary school teacher from a remote village in Kenya has won the $1 million Global Teacher Prize award.

The teacher has been commended for his kind and humanitarian gestures towards the poor as he was said to have regularly given away 80% of his monthly income out to the needy.

The event was organized by the Dubai-based Varkey Foundation and hosted by popular Hollywood Star Jack Hughman (Wolverine).

In its fifth year of giving such awards, the company has done well in appreciating good deeds worldwide.

The 36-year-old awardee who has been said to use ICT in 80% of his lessons to engage students responded by first thanking the organizers and then further said that “Every day in Africa we turn a new page and a new chapter. This prize does not recognize me but recognizes this great continent’s young people. I am only here because of what my students have achieved.

because great continent’s country where drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, early school dropping out, young marriages, suicide are common, Tabichi has become a shining light for the youth to look up to.

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