California police have arrested a woman responsible for attacking a McDonald’s manager over ketchup last month.

Santa Ana resident Mayra Gallo, 24, was arrested without incident on Tuesday, the Santa Ana Police Department announced. She was still in custody at the Orange County jail Wednesday on $15,000 bond, and her initial court appearance was scheduled for Thursday, online jail records showed.

Gallo’s occupation on the jail records was listed as unemployed.

On Oct. 27, Gallo was allegedly seen on camera choking and slamming the fast food manager’s head against the soda machine in the kitchen area, according to police.

The attack, caught on surveillance video, began when Gallo allegedly walked through the back door of the restaurant around 11 p.m. asking for ketchup, police said in a statement.

When the manager told Gallo she could not be in the building, Gallo “became combative” and pushed and choked the employee.

The manager told the suspect that she would be “glad” to help her if she went around to the front of the store.

Other employees were seen rushing to help pull the suspect off the manager. A man wearing a grey shirt and hoodie then escorted the suspect from the restaurant through the back door after an employee alerted him, the video showed.

Larry Kaplan, the owner-operator of the Santa Ana McDonald’s, said that the “biggest priority” is the safety and well-being of the employees and customers.


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