Police make disturbing and violent discovery in little girl’s bedroom next to toys

A picture of a little girl’s bedroom has been been circulating online after police made a terrifying discovery just above her bed.

The stray bullet appears to have penetrated through the plaster in the wall, narrowly missing the child’s toy collection.

Luckily the little girl wasn’t in the room at the time the bullet pierced her wall. She had been staying away with her older sister on the weekend of the incident

The image of the scene was shared by police in New York City to serve as a warning about the danger of guns.

The NYPD posted photographs of the near miss on its Twitter page, describing it as “disgraceful”.

Cops wrote: “Every time you hear about a shooting, think about this stray bullet that made it into the bedroom of a precious little girl.

“Thankfully no one was hurt. Thank you to our cops and detectives for arresting one of the persons responsible.”

Rodney Miller told the New York Post he had been taking an afternoon nap last Saturday at 3.30pm when he was suddenly woken by the sound of a “pop”.

Mr Miller discovered his Harlem apartment had been punctured with bullets, with holes in the couch, bathroom door and one just above his daughter’s bed.

He said: “She could have been playing in her room, she could have been going to the bathroom, she could have been sitting on the couch.

“My oldest daughter could have been here. My granddaughter could have been here. I was here. It could have hit me.”

Mr Miller has since moved the furniture around in her bedroom so that she doesn’t have to see the bullet mark as she doesn’t know about the incdient.

His daughter is also sleeping in his bed, whilst he sleeps on the sofa.

He added: “I want her to have sweet dreams. … I don’t want her to see that type of violence.”

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